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The Master Fic Post

I am so organized!  Look at me go!  I like to try to make my LJ as user-friendly as possible, and make it easy to find my fics in many ways.  In this post, you can click on Magnificent seven, and it will list out all of my mag7 fic in the order it was written.  or you can click on a series, and it will take you to all the works in that series, or you can choose the story you want to go to.   My Original Work also has its own tag.

I am a HUGE fan of tags.  I can't help myslef.  So even if I don't update the Master Fic Post immediately upon posting something new, the new entry will be tagged appropritely (so by clicking on the series or the mag7 tag, you will get the most up to date stuff).  Did that make sense?

I have been meaning to do one of these for a while...

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squirrel with shillelagh

Happy happy!

Happiest if birthdays to solosundance!!

i would do something fancier here, but I'm on vacay and trying to make stuff work on my phone is tricky :)
squirrel with shillelagh

ooo look!

check out what happened yesterday when i was checking on all the kids on my way out the door to work:

baby geck sept 2013
baby geck on thumb sept 2013

he's a baby leopard gecko and is so tiny!  no name yet, and he's still very tired (hatching is hard work).  nothing has happened with the other egg yet, but still might.  and the baby is in his new digs (a nursery pen) with everything his little heart could desire.
made my day :)
squirrel with shillelagh

playing hooky

i didn't go to work today.  i sent john an email, simply stating that i needed to take a day today.  there's no real reason that i need the day off; i just want one.  plus, the heat has finally broken, and the windows are open, and it's just so nice out.

on an interesting note, i think the boy is seriously considering moving in with me. :)  he had mentioned something last weekend (when we went to ikea, and also the day before that) about where "my furniture is gonna go."  so i had asked him about it at dinner.  i've invited him to live with me, a long time ago, so it isn't out of the blue.

he's worried that he doesn't know how to budget and such.  i told him that you learn how to do that.  but when we were at his parents' house yesterday (his dad's b-day), he went and measured his bureau.  he's been worried that it won't fit anywhere.  i knew it would (and i was right).

i asked him when we were back at my house if he was really starting to become serious about moving in.  we chatted about it, and he seems to be.  he sayd he only has 2 car payments left (and i'm thinking he'll be more comfortable waiting until that's all taken care of), and i told him that right there, he knew a bit about budgeting.

i am totally excited.  but i'm not gonna pester or pressure him.