September 8th, 2009

ezra :)

hi ho hi ho

so i am back at work. and lo and behold!  i was visited by the fish fairy!
my dad was bored this weekend while working and went out on his lunch break and procured me some fine specimens for my work tank.  i had three fish in the thirty gallon (one molly, one diamond tetra and one serpae tetra), and now i have nine more!  i have two gouramis, five baby tiger barbs, and two chinese algae eaters!

yay fish fairies!

and they are currently redoing the office area, so it's a bit loud in here.  kind of hard to concentrate, but i am dealing.

oh, and i might have a fic to post in the next day or so.  :D  so, all in all, doing ok.
agent standish

Pieces, ATF AU, Gen

Title: Pieces
Characters: Ezra mostly, but also Vin
Rating: PG i guess
Length: 2416 words
Notes:  This takes place after the events in Broken.  If you haven't read that, I feel you might end up quite lost

I wrote this because i was listening to the radio too much.  I kept hearing that song "You Found Me" by the Fray, and I couldn't help but get this idea in my head about what happened to Ezra while he waited alone.  What would he have thought about?

i hope you enjoy.

as always, a special thanks to strangevisitor7for the beta.



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