December 31st, 2020

i like it on top bunk bed

The Master Fic Post

I am so organized!  Look at me go!  I like to try to make my LJ as user-friendly as possible, and make it easy to find my fics in many ways.  In this post, you can click on Magnificent seven, and it will list out all of my mag7 fic in the order it was written.  or you can click on a series, and it will take you to all the works in that series, or you can choose the story you want to go to.   My Original Work also has its own tag.

I am a HUGE fan of tags.  I can't help myslef.  So even if I don't update the Master Fic Post immediately upon posting something new, the new entry will be tagged appropritely (so by clicking on the series or the mag7 tag, you will get the most up to date stuff).  Did that make sense?

I have been meaning to do one of these for a while...

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