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i heart the sun!

so, finally, there is sunshine!  real sushine!! i can smell grass and see things starting to grow.  winter is fficially over in new england.

and with the new weather, i have been planing some bulbs and starting some pansy seeds, and i repotted a hydrangea i keep on my porch. 

i have yet to redo the turtle pens (done every spring), and i'm spring cleaning.  we do a yard sale in may or june, with all the proceeds going to american cancer society.  it's a great thing, really.  i get to "throw away" all sorts of stuff without actually feeling guilty about "throwing away" the stuff.  and i don't have to throw my own yard sale or sell the stuff online.  so i am looking about my apartment with a predatory eye... and looking for things to weed out that i clearly don't use/like/need.  it's kind of fun... and i'm a pack rat, and i don't like to get rid of things, but i like doing it for this.

and i set up my new wireless router today, and wireless adapter.  i had one, but it was old and slow.  so i bought a new one at target yesterday.  i bought the woreless router, wireless adapter, a hamper, a pillow, a trash can (to collect cans and bottles for redemption, again it goes to ACS), cat food, a laser pointer, and... actually, i think that was it.  all that stuff came to about #160 or so, and i had two target gift cards and 3x $25 visa gift cards, so i paid $40 for all.  KICK ASS!

then i went to petco and got some "gecko food" as i call it for my sister's benefit, but it's mealworms.  and i got some fish tank filters for the tank at work, cuz that thing gets SCUMMY.  

so i've been doing little odds and ends projects around the house... like planing, and what not.  today, like i said, i set up my new wireless router.  it does a pretty good job, but on the porch, the signal fades in and out.  so if i'm ever talking to you on IM, and i disappear, chances are it faded out real quick.  my house is weird like that, even for cell phones.  i think it's crazy insulated or something.  i'm not gonna knock it though, cuz in the dreaded winter it's nice and warm.

then i needed coffee.... and i got my lazy ass up off the couch and dressed myself and went to dunkin donuts and got a coffee that i am still enjoying.  i always drink their iced coffee... mainly cuz it's stronger than their hot coffee.  i like their hot coffee, but if i'm buying it's iced, even in the middle of february.  i like my coffee hot, strong and sweet (insert inappropriate joke about how i like my men here).

so i have to go shopping in a big, bad, nasty way for clothes.  my pants are HUMUNGOUS.  in the past year, i've lost around 40 pound, and the pants i have are still for fatter me.  which would be fine, big pants = comfy, but they look a bit silly.  and the pants i have that fit are few and far between.  i've been raiding the bins in my closet where i put the clothes that didn't fit, and slowly finding some treasures, but i need to go shopping.  and i have to go in and have the ladies there measure me, cuz lo and behold, they thought it was a good idea to change their sizing system.  great.  so now i have to go get touched.  i'm skitterish about touching sometimes, but not always.  if i don't like you, don't touch me.  if i like you, we may touch each other.  i'm also really weird about people holding my hand, like after a handshake, for too long.  hmm... can't explain that one.

i took this past friday off, deserving a day off.  ladygarand told me to cuz the stress will kill me. she's right.  even working only 4 days last week, it was a 42 hour work week.  so friday was more or less a crash day, which i needed.  i watched tv, caught up on harper's island (which i still love), watched some of southland (which i'm still not sure of), and hung out.  i went to dinner with my bff kate, and we shot the shit all through dinner.  she's been my friends since kindergarten when she threw up on me on my birthday.  true story.  and i tell everyone she introduces me to.  sometimes now, she beats me to the punch.  i told her my parents got a kitten, and she looked at me, and i said, "so after this we're gonna go have kitty play time".

kittens make it all better.  and she agrees.  she stresses out as well.  med school.  but kittens = relaxing.  so we hung out at my parents' house until about 11, playing with the kitten and shooting the shit with my parents.  kate's family is like my second family, and mine is hers.  i do just love the shit out of her.

i went out to lunch with cassie yesterday, and then did the target trip and petco.  then went to my parents' again to put those little cap things on the kitten's nails.  she DID NOT LIKE THAT.  but they're on, and holding.  she's only got two off, and seems to not care about them anymore.  so that's good.  she had been scaling people's legs, and it was upsetting my mother, making her wonder what she had gotten herself into.  so this will help.  cuz i won't let them declaw her.  that's just mean.

so now i think i shall retreat to my porch and relax in my recliner.  maybe i'll write, maybe i'll nap, maybe i'll veg and do nothing. 

i love this weather.  it makes me happy.  like this :)


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Apr. 26th, 2009 09:17 pm (UTC)
I live out in the country and our cell and internet signals come and go here too. It can be such a pain, but not that many years ago we didn't get any signals at all, so gift horse and all that.

I know exactly what you mean about the touching thing, and I get all uncomfortable when people hold my hand too! I mean WTF? I don't know you, stop touching me, I don't let people I know and like hang all over me, so I definitely need my space from people I barely know.

I love kittens but have a cat allergy. It's gotten worse as I've gotten older so now I just enjoy them from afar, or live vicariously through kitten!fic (hint hint).

totally random, but I love it when I do spell check and find out I spelled a wicked hard word correctly, I get all smiley and am I a nerd or what?
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