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hello from cape cod!!!

hello my lovelies!

i arrived on cape cod safely, and have been enjoying the weather, as much as possible.  basically, everything down here is so fucking humid it's just plain awesome.  kind of like breathing in soup.  someone called it recently "dirty south humid".  i guess it's close.

so i have been here for two nights thus far... i have gone to the beach in the evening (not during the day), cuz i am delicate and burn easily.  i don't mind not going during the day.  i have to get all slopped up with sunblock and such.  {seriously the whitest person i know}.

so i have founf a couple of wifi hot spots.  naturally, they're not close enough to the house i'm staying at to be of any real use to me.  right now, i am sitting in my truck, leg crossed over the steering wheel and laptop on lap.  my foot is asleep.  {i don't think god ever intended for fat girls to sit this way}.  so i am sitting in the parking lot of a public library, and after several attempts at connecting, i was in.  i think i was too far away the first time.  the library is closed, but i am not the only one in the parking lot, so i don't feel too stalkerish. 

foot is definitely asleep.

ok, i am readjusted.  i am trying like hell not to sound the horn as i type.  i will sureley let you know if i do.

so, i have been hanging out with moms (it's just her and me right now).  cassie is coming down tomorrow after work and staying through tusday.  my brother and company will be down tuesday.  

i've been coming to the cape for 30 years, and this year i am doing the tourist thing and taking pics of things for my vacay p[ost when i get back. 

oh, and by the way, there are two streets near me (and i knew this, but always forget to mention)  whose street signes i will be getting a pic of.... one is "Ezra's Path" and three roads down from that is "Standish Way".  i couldn't make that shit up if i tried. 

and apparently recently, there was a sighing of a great white off the coast of chatham!!  that's right near me!  i have to look that shit up while i am trolling in a parking lot.

times like these i wish i had a panel truck.  and a bag of candy.

and apparently they also pulled up a couple of cannons off a sunken pirate ship off the coast of wellfleet this week too.  too cool.

and i only got one phone call from work from my co-worker adam, who was looking for something and hoped i knew where it was.  i didn't.  i told him it sucks to be you!

but yes, absolutely relaxing as all hell, and i needed it!  the salt air makes me tired, but in a good way.  i sure as hell am not exerting myself!

so, hopefully i will post again in a few days, depending on my schedule (or lack thereof).

i am writing kitty fic right now,so that's a good thing.  i should have a good portion of that done soon.  and we'll see where else i am steered while here.

i hope everyone else is well...
talk to you all soon...



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Aug. 21st, 2009 09:01 pm (UTC)
Much love. I too have done the parking lot wi-fi thing, it can be uncomfortable, but at least you are not alone looking stalkerish :)

I look forward to the picspam.

Ezra signs! how cool, bet that helps the writer juices flow.

Also cool, a great white? awesomeness. I love shark week on discovery channel, but am SO chicken shit of ever actually going in the ocean with the possibility of seeing [read being eaten by] a shark in person.
Aug. 22nd, 2009 12:01 am (UTC)
one is "Ezra's Path" and three roads down from that is "Standish Way". i couldn't make that shit up if i tried. I love it when stuff like that happens - it's a sign...of what I have no idea maybe that we're just obsessed fangirls.

Sounds like you are having a relaxing time - have fun and keep your delicate self out of the sun :) (I'm still peeling 3 weeks later)
Aug. 22nd, 2009 04:46 am (UTC)
Hee at your uncomfortable position! I would be stiff as a board after that :)

Glad you're working on the photos - I want to live vicariously and see more of the states :D

Canons ftw!!!!! I love them...
Aug. 22nd, 2009 12:25 pm (UTC)
If I didn't think stealing was wrong, I would totally swipe those street signs! A few weeks ago I was at a baseball game, and there was a little boy behind me who's name was Ezra. It made me very happy. :)
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