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A Wicked Accent (Part 2/2)

Title: A Wicked Accent (Part 2/2)
Rating: PG for language
Genre: Magnificent Seven, ATF AU
Characters: All
Summary: On a boring day in the office, the boys discuss JD's Boston Background.


“What?” The normally verbose southerner cocked his head to one side and stared at the youngest.


“Drunk and disorderly. Stuck her in the drunk tank and let her out in the morning. Been friends ever since.”


“I want to meet this girl. She sounds spunky.” Buck fiddled with his mustache. 

“You probably won’t. She’s pretty rooted and doesn’t travel much.”


“So, back to the subject of accents... why is it so hard to do the Boston one?” Ezra was puzzled.


JD took a deep breath and thought about it. “I don’t know. Just too easy to spot a fake? There’s accents within accents too. Different towns say the same thing different. Think of it this way Ezra… You’d probably be able to spot a fake southern accent, right? Same thing.”


“What’s the worst fake boston accent you’ve seen? Like movies or TV?” Nathan asked. “Rain’s friends had some opinions, and I wondered if they would end up being the same.”


“Tough call. Worst was “The Perfect Storm”. Everybody sounded like a Kennedy.” At the puzzled looks, JD elaborated. “They have their own weird accent. “Crossing Jordan” on tv was pretty bad too.”


“So what’s a normal accent like?” asked Vin. “I only met two people from Boston, and you’re one of them JD. You don’t have what I’d a thought was a Boston accent.”


JD looked at his watch and back at his friends. “Hang on, I’ll show you.”


JD picked up his desk phone and started dialing. “This way will be way easier. I’ll put her on speaker, but understand a couple of things. She swears a lot, everybody does, and she talks fast. Again, everybody does. That was one of the things I had to get used to coming out here—slowing down.”


“Kid, you still talk a mile a minute,” said Buck.


“You should hear me when I go back home. It’s ringing.” He pushed the speaker button and put the receiver back down on the cradle.


On the third ring, she picked up. “Hello?”


“Jinx, it’s JD!”


“Holy shit chief! Owaya? Y’aright?”


“Yeah, I’m fine. I have you on speaker with the guys I work with. We were reading that email you sent.”


“Fuckin funny right?”


JD looked up apologetically. Smirks and grins met his gaze. “very.”


“So whasup? You say I’m on speakah?”


“Yep, say hi to the guys.”


“Hey guys, owaya?”


A series of hellos and his came back. Buck looked at JD and mouthed ‘What did she say?’


JD started to laugh a little. “Hey Jinx, they guys wanted to hear what Boston sounds like, and you have the thickest accent of anyone I know. Buck wants to know what you just said.”


“Uhh…” She paused. 


“Let’s do this then… Hey Jinx, owaya?”


“I’m good. You?” She figured it out on her end and laughed with her response. 


“You’re shitting me, she said ‘How are you’?” Vin said. “I couldn’t make that out.”


JD couldn’t help but laugh. 


Ezra seemed extremely interested. Jd would have sworn he was taking mental notes on what his friend was saying. 


“So JD, you dig the list?”


“Yeah it was pretty good.”


“Fuckin A right. So, am I gonna be asked to say all sorts of silly shit now? Like supah mahket pahkin lot?”


“Better than pahk the cah.”


“That’s so old. Cuzins a mine think the supah mahket one is better.”


“I’ll bet.”


“So, you couldn’t bust out the accent for them? Guys, get him drunk and talking bout home… you’ll heah about some cahs.” Everything Jinx said sounded so fluid and natural, not forced like in movies. 


JD laughed at his friends’ reactions. 


“They’re staring at me now Jinx, thanks.”


“Anytime. So, what’s new and exciting?” 


“Not much, slow day.”


“Aww, so I got to be ya entahtainment? That’s wicked pissa.” She threw that one in for fun, knowing that they wanted to hear that type of thing.


“Pissa?” asked Ezra.


“Means awesome, or good, or pretty much anything you want it to.” JD explained.


“So, Miss…Jinx, JD tells us you two met under interesting circumstances,” prompted Buck.


“Interesting my ass. Fucka threw me in the drunk tank. PCed me. I wasn’t doin anythin wrong.”


“Jinx, you were loaded and trying to sleep on the sidewalk.” JD said this with a light tone, this was obviously a fun story for the two friends.


“Whateva you need to tell yaself t get ya through the day chief.” Chris looked at his list while she said this, pointing out to Vin number 66: You call guys you've just met "Chief" or "Boss." Vin just smiled and shook his head.


“So kids, did I delivah the accent for you?” she asked to the room at large.


“Not bad,” said Chris.


“Thanks. I aimda please.”


“Jinx, I’ll let you go now. I’ll give you a call soon to catch up.”


“kay guy. Hey, maybe I should come out and visit ya.”




“Kay. Talk to ya. Bye gentlemen.” With this, she hung up the phone. 


“Sounds a lot thicker than Rain’s friends. But the gist is still the same,” Nathan said.


“Should see her in person. She’s wicked animated and funny as hell. She’d give you guys a run for your money.”


“And you arrested her?” asked Josiah.


“Had to. She was causin a scene. Plus she coulda gotten hurt. She wouldn’t stop jabbering in the tank either. Her accent gets way thicker when she’s drunk.”


“That wasn’t thick?” Asked Ezra.


“Nope. And usually she’s talking so fast I can barely follow her. I think she cleaned it up a bit for you guys.”


“Couple of F-bombs in there?” asked Buck.


“That was tame. Girl gets her point across. Maybe you’ll get to meet her someday.”


The boys slowly started to peel off towards their own desks and back to the monotonous workday. Buck had plans to get JD drunk and try to get him to slip into his accent. That, he thought, would be funny as hell and totally worth taking care of the kid’s hangover the next day.


After a few minutes of silence, Vin piped up. “Yup, don’t get it.”



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Mar. 2nd, 2009 03:40 am (UTC)
It's wonderful when I can enjoy a story without h/c or angst as much as I enjoy one with h/c or angst.

Does that make sense?

Had a good laugh with this one, because I could imagine the looks on the guys faces every time Jinx said something :)
Mar. 2nd, 2009 03:44 am (UTC)
it's probably the same look i get when i go visit my friend in texas. hee hee...

the owaya thing really did happen to some of my friends who went out to denver (i don't remember why they went...). but a waitress, after a few trips to the table hearing owaya, had to ask them what they were saying. she had no idea.

i love accents, and i love listening to people, so i had fun writing this one.

*spouse hugz*

Edited at 2009-03-02 03:45 am (UTC)
Mar. 2nd, 2009 04:24 am (UTC)
The oways threw me for a loop, but then again so did everything else Jinx said :)

*spouse hugs*

Mar. 2nd, 2009 04:28 am (UTC)
she's based on my speech patterns. that's how i talk :D

*squishy spouse huggies*
May. 15th, 2011 10:43 am (UTC)
This isn't really a comment on the story (which I really liked, btw) but I thought I'd pass this on. There was an old series on PBS (net search or PBS.org) called 'Do You Speak American', with a book to go with it, about the different dialects in the US. Two parts I recall very well, even years after seeing the show for the first time. One segment had people from different parts of the south talk so you could tell that there is not just one 'southern' accent. I was doing something else with the TV on and wasn't really watching it but my head just snapped up when they had someone from Texas on. ID'd them right away; sounded just like my aunts and uncles in Dallas and Texarkana.

In another segment a woman from the south went into a New York deli asking for southern food like hush puppies and the like. The poor deli worker had no idea what that 'crazy' woman was talking about. The series and book is worth checking out; interesting and informative.
May. 15th, 2011 02:25 pm (UTC)
that does sound interesting. i am definitely gonna check that out!

thanks for the info!
Mar. 31st, 2012 05:00 pm (UTC)
That was funny as hell! I'm from the Boston area, though not Boston itself, so this was great for me; I'm e-mailing it to a friend who moved to Tennessee, see how she explains it to her friends down there. And you're definitely right about the accents within accents; I say ba-data rather than pa-data like the rest of my family, which I was sad to see was not on the list. I have to actually say potato sylable by sylable if you want it without the accent. I can do other accents, like Washington State where they *add* an R to everything, but I still can't say potato. And I think the ice coffee thing is 'cause it's always f***in' cold in the mornings, even in the summer, so we're just used to gettin' 'em anytime. No one who doesn't live here gets the three or four street name changes on the same road either, or my love of rotaries (Wheee!), and I've seen people with out-of-state license plates practically have heart attacks merging lanes and that we pull out halfway to take a left. Never gave wrong directions to tourists, but I've known a few to do it. Oh, and my final solution to tailgaiting? Buy a hearse! They avoid you like it's contagious and expect you to go slow, so you don't have to slam the breaks to get the f***ers to back off (not 'cause I care; kills the breaks). Get behind a car that's black and they'll give you a hella lotta room. The Packie one just about effin' killed me! So I guess I just have to end this with saying that you made it wicked pissa and I'm sendin' it to any friend who'll read fanfic.
Mar. 31st, 2012 05:28 pm (UTC)
thanks for such an awesome comment!

i've done most of the things on the list also. and i'm front the boston area (not boston itself) as well. it's so funny. and some of the things i still catch myself saying make me giggle. especially that now at work i'm meeting people from halfway across the country. it's kind of hilarious.

i'm so glad you enjoyed it, and i am uber-stoked that you're sending it to a friend! yays!
i have a bunch of other mag7 stories as well, so feel free to poke around :D
Apr. 18th, 2013 10:17 pm (UTC)
I just stumbled across the story and laughed so hard! I have lived in Oregon and Nevada my whole life and don'y understand back East humor but when I hear CNN mispronounce Nevada and Oregon and stumble agross tourist here, I just want to beat the across the head with my cowgirl hat. So I get the ideas behind the story and laughed my head off. 'Cuz I know you all would be looking for your umbrella the first day you visited Portland. Wimps!
Apr. 18th, 2013 10:21 pm (UTC)
welcome! and thanks so much for commenting :)

i'm glad you enjoyed it. sometimes, regional humor doesn't translate well to other regions. i know when i got the list in an email, i laughed my ass off at it.

thanks! :)
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