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brain purge

it's gonna hurt in the mornin...

10 April 1979
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So, about me... cuz let's face it, it's ALL about me.

I live in Massachusetts.

I bought my house (by myself) in 2012, and I am in love with it and with being a homeowner. it needs some work, but I enjoy doing it.

I am all set with snow after winter 2015 (record breaking!).

I have a degree in Communications, with a minor in English. I do not work in the Communications Field, nor do I work in any type of English field. I work in the science field.

I am ambidexterous.

I am "whole-brained".

I used to be able to speak french and russian, on top of english, but i have forgotten much of both. I can still read cyrilic.

I live with four cats, eight geckos, and five turtles, and a decent turnover of fish.

I draw from time to time, love music, like arts and crafts (or as i call it, farts and craps), love animals, love cars.

I'm always up for an involved discussion.

I have a tendency to brood.

I wear bunny slippers when I go to out to do errands sometimes.

I still play with trucks.

I am a grammar and spelling Nazi, and I am also a punctuation wrangler. I proofread stuff for fun.

I have a warped sense of humor. And i get a big kick out of myself (someone's got to amuse me). Sarcasm is my forte.

My coffee table book is "the history of murder." UPDATE: it is now "serial killers"

I'm fascinated by what makes people tick.

I talk in movie quotes.

I swear. like, a lot.

I kick ass at "six degrees of Kevin Bacon".

I have an obsession with Squirrels.

I've been driving the same truck for 13 years (and it's 15 years old).

Sometimes, I randomly friend people I stumble across. Sometimes I run away screaming.

I have no filter. What I say to you, I would say to my mother. I can't be bothered with trying to be what I'm not.

I have one regret in life (and I won't tell you what it is). If I end up with more, they will be for things I did, not things I didn't do.

I may be crass, but I am never rude. I can't stand rude people, and I will win in a battle of wits with them.

I am habitually single. :D